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Wedding Planners in Rishikesh

Although a small town, Rishikesh is a scenic place and quite famous for being the World Capital of yoga. The holy place is filled with multi-cuisine cafes and adventure activities like rafting and bungee jumping.

Although the place is mostly known for spiritual importance, it has a lot more to offer. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Rishikesh to have the holy dip at TriveniGhat and shop a plethora of handicraft items that are sprawled all over the city.

The prominent pilgrimage spot and famous tourist destination is home to places like LaxmanJhula, ParmarthNiketan, Beatles Ashram and NeelkanthMahadev Temple.

Besides this, Rishikesh is also an ideal destination for weddings. The scenic beauty and pleasant weather allow you to have a splendid destination wedding. If you are looking for wedding venues in Rishikesh, it's time to look for a wedding planner. So here are some of the options given below.

Showtime Event

Showtime Event is one of the leading wedding planners who give your dreams a realistic approach and execute a fairytale wedding. They have a team of experienced people who put all their dedication and hard work in planning the best wedding for you. One of the Best Destination wedding planners in Rishikesh, Affordable prices, Team of professionals. Compare reviews and rating.

Till date, they have served around 5000 clients and completed 5300 projects successfully. The company is known for a unique and innovative approach towards every wedding they plan. Besides weddings, they also plan corporate events, conferences, birthday parties and much more. Get in touch with Showtime Event for Affordable Wedding Packages for Rishikesh.


When searching for a wedding destination, many incredible locations pop into mind nevertheless Rishikesh still holds a unique place among them. This place is congregated at the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas which gifts it with an alluring scenery that is sure to be a treat to your eyes. A Destination Wedding in Rishikesh showcases a whole different set of vibes which is both relaxed and solemn.

The sweet but holy sounds of temple bells will ring like music in your guest's ears. Moreover, the one and only Ganges River flow through the city which makes the destination a paradise of nature. Not only does this destination pleases people's aesthetic senses but also religious and cultural values. In fact, you can't find a more perfect destination than Rishikesh for a transitional Hindu wedding.

Blessed With Beauty As Well As People

Rishikesh isn't only known for its scenery but also its people. You can easily find the ubiquitous, charming company of yogis which is always a plus. Any destination wedding here is incomplete without proper Wedding Decorators in Rishikesh because without decoration any traditional Indian wedding can get really boring and dull.

Fortunately for you Showtime Event can incorporate all of the necessary elements that contribute to making a wedding special into your own wedding ceremony. So to make your wedding the most surreal celebration of all time you can only trust reliable Wedding Decorators in Rishikesh.

Find A Reliable Wedding Planner

Looking for some decent Wedding Planners In Rishikesh If yes, then you're in luck because Showtime Event is here to help you. And why compromise for something mediocre when you can hire the best by using the same resources? Therefore to turn your wedding into an incredible memory etched onto the hearts of your loved ones, our company is undeniably the right choice.

Although there are plenty of Wedding Planners In Rishikesh only a few can live up to their promises, and even fewer can perform beyond your expectations. Showtime Event is one of those lesser few who will go above and beyond to make your wedding special. Our company is an exceptional Rishikesh Wedding Planner that utilizes the scenic beauty of the holy city Rishikesh up to its full potential. So be assured that we will capture the magical beauty of Rishikesh at your wedding.

Our Services Make Rishikesh Worth It

Our company makes sure that at the end of your long trip to Rishikesh, the resources and time you put in for the sake of your wedding don't go to waste Unlike, amateur Rishikesh Wedding Planners our decorators don't do a half-baked job because we understand the effort you've put in to make this Destination Wedding in Rishikesh Happen.

Reasonable Price Range

For Budget Destination Weddings in Rishikesh contact our team as fast as possible and get attractive deals on destination wedding packages.

• Our team has made many Budget destination weddings in Rishikesh a success so no one is more qualified for your trust than Showtime Event.

• This city is also a hotspot for yogis from all around the world. It is oftentimes referred to as the 'World Capital of yoga' so for the price of wedding planning services you can also get spiritual guidance.

• Rishikesh inhibits multi-cuisine food tradition and if you play your car rides then you can give the food adventurers in your wedding one hell of an experience.

• Moreover, the place is mostly acquainted with spiritual values, which makes it the perfect destination for a holy event like marriage to unfold.

There's Always More To Showtime Event

Without a doubt, our company is one of the few leading wedding planners in all of Rishikesh. We are possibly the only wedding planner who can make your dream wedding happen in Rishikesh.

• Although we work on your dreams, we still keep a realistic approach to certain things to execute a fairytale wedding.

• Our company who put all their dedication and hard work into planning the best wedding can't be called the 'best' unless the customers are satisfied with our services so we always strive to perform up to our full potential.

Showtime Event is famous for its unique and innovative approach to every wedding so choosing us for a destination wedding would be the perfect choice for you. Besides weddings only happens once so why hold back, just call Showtime Event to host the wedding of your dreams.

Amaraay Weddings

Amaraay Weddings is based in Rishikesh and specialises in wedding planning and decoration. They focus on planning weddings that cater to the client's needs. If you are looking for some amazing wedding planners in Rishikesh, you can contact Amaraay Weddings.

They provide various services such as the selection of wedding venues in Rishikesh, catering, Photographers and videography, decoration, guest transfers and much more.

Madhuban Events

Madhuban Events is another option worth considering when looking for wedding venues in Rishikesh. They have a great and dedicated bunch of people who aim to turn your wedding day into an unforgettable event.

Even if you already have some ideas in mind, you can discuss it with them. With the right management skills and knowledge of wedding business, the company can help you plan your wedding just as you dreamt. Get in touch with them for vendor management, guests management and event flow management.

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