Conference Event Planners

Conference Event Planners in Delhi NCR

Conference Event Planners in Delhi NCREvent Planner Delhi : Planning a corporate event or conference is not as simple as you think. It is because this professional job requires specialized knowledge and better expertise. If you do not have sufficient time to plan your business conference, you can approach our event planners at ShowTime Event. We are the event specialists who have better experience in managing both conferences and corporate events across the world. This precise knowledge brings us better access to excellent connections worldwide. Our team has lots of support providers who can take care of every minute detail and let you focus on your main objectives and attendees.

Our team of experienced event planners

It is good news for everyone that we have only experienced and trusted event planners. It means that our professionals are well-versed in planning multi-day events that include breakouts, general sessions, small group events, and even special events. It covers every aspect of reception, entertainment, dinner and much more. The overall size of the event is entirely based on your business needs. Whether you look for a national event, large regional event, business-specific, small event, we can serve you. We use our professional knowledge in planning the events. We also try to make your event become successful.

What does our conference event planning cover?

We are specialists in planning all kinds of conferences regardless of their size and difficulty levels. Our team is capable of planning both international and dimension conferences in various industries. It includes professional associations, healthcare, technology and much more. Here are our major services for conference event planning as follow:

  •  Development of theme
  •  Choose a perfect event design
  •  Hotel and venue sourcing
  •  Installation of tradeshow
  •  Both registration & management of attendee
  •  Stage set design and management
  •  Mobile app coordination
  •  Floor renderings and plans
  •  Speaker sourcing
  •  Social media management of an event
  •  Collateral design, professional staffing, and sponsorship fulfillment

Merits of hiring our event planners

Our team is committed to creating a professional plan for your business events or conferences. It will ensure that you will succeed every time using our event planning services. We use the best techniques to plan the most memorable events for our clients. Our event planners will guarantee that the event is both memorable and successful. Here are a few benefits of our event and conference planning services as follow:

  •  We can help you to cut down your cost
  •  Our event planners can guarantee on-time planning
  •  We have professional experience and expertise
  •  Boasting of negotiation skills