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Give It A Traditional Touch With Best Budget Wedding Planners In Chennai

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One of the most awaited days of everyone's lifetime is the day of the wedding. It is not just the union of two souls but families who come together to begin a journey for a lifetime. India is known for its grand wedding, which is filled with complete pomp and grandeur. There is nothing mediocre about a great Indian wedding. Everything from the beginning of the first pre-wedding function to the actual grand event, each celebration is filled with fun and entertainment.

Considering the busy world we live in, many are opting for wedding planners in Chennai who can help arrange the event. So, if you are looking for a deft and trustworthy, professional wedding planner in Chennai, we are your ultimate stop.

Want to know why we are counted among the List of wedding planners in Chennai? What makes us the ultimate choice and renders us a place among the top wedding planners in Chennai? Then you must read the below sections to know the reason.

Why Choose ShowTime Event as your wedding planner in Chennai?

Chennai weddings are the epitome of grandeur. Right from the costume to the rituals, there is no dull moment in the entire event. As top wedding planners in Chennai, we present you with a detailed outlook of what we offer as the best wedding planners in Chennai. So let us look at each event and our set of ideas to make it a grand event..


What makes a Chennai wedding different from other traditional weddings is where the couple gets engaged before the actual wedding day. It begins with "Mappilai Errupu," which translates to welcome the groom. As wedding planners in Chennai, we know what will entice the T guests and keep the traditional aspect alive in each decoration. For engagement, we will arrange for snacks circulated to the guests that will mix traditional food and a few contemporary snacks. For example, tiny vadas and pakoras do make a good choice.

Besides, we will display a big banner with the bride and groom's name etched on it. To make it different from other events, we can have a flower decoration to match the essence of the event.


While Mehandi and sangeet are not celebrated with too much grandeur in Chennai, its growing popularity now makes it an integral part of the occasion. For Mehandi, we will have the most enchanting mix of DJ songs from Tamil and the latest songs which the bride and groom can groove together. It will surely make a great mix of sangeet and mehndi, rendering the couple to enjoy their bachelorhood with extensive pomp and show.

Wedding Day

From decorating the car that welcomes the groom to organizing the entire hall traditionally with banana leaves, flowers, and lots of music, we ensure to turn each event grand. Moreover, arranging for a big screen which will display the entire wedding live to the audience, thus making it a great idea for everyone to watch the event even when having their breakfast or snacks.

Get groovy-groovy

Another event that highlights the wedding event is the "nalungu" function. In simple words, it is the traditional form of sangeet. It includes many small games and lots of fun-filled songs and dances by the bride and groom's family.


We will have a big book arranged at the entrance for the guests to write something for the couple for the reception. We can also have a selfie corner, where the couple can later cherish the event looking back at the best event of their lifetime. So, connect to us today to arrange the best wedding event in Chennai with budget wedding planners in Chennai.

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